Conservation Dogs

Services - Live Animal Detection

Clearing areas of protected and endangered species can be costly and time consuming. We have trained detection dogs that can make this process more efficient and effective.

Great crested newts (GCN) are a protected species, and so their disturbance or destruction is illegal. GCN’s on construction sites have to be trapped and relocated to ponds away from any building work. Our detection dog can assist in the locating of GCN’s for removal whilst trapping out, as well as identifying areas where newts might be (i.e. rock piles/log piles etc.) that may have to be hand searched, hopefully speeding up the process of safe removal. Our dog can also be utilised to check areas post trap-out, to ensure no newts remain.

We have carried out discrimination training on palmate and smooth newts to ensure any indications given by the dog are for great crested newts only. All sites are different, but we do have a general methodolgy for searching for GCN’s. 

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